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Something Better than the iPad

29 January 2010

In my previous article The iPad is Just an iFad, I asked, “How is this product [the iPad] any better than what I already have?”

Here is what Apple should have introduced, the Light Touch™:

Light Touch™ interactive projector

From the Light Touch website:

Light Touch™ is an interactive projector that instantly transforms any flat surface into a touch screen. It frees multimedia content from the confines of the small screen, allowing users to interact with that content just as they do on their hand held devices – using multi-touch technology.

If Apple had introduced this product, we would be hearing ooohs and aaahs from everyone, instead there’s hardly a murmur from the main stream media and tech journals; see MIT’s Technology Review and the Independent.

Apple has momentum from the successes of the iPod and iPhone so I wouldn’t be surprised that even if they came out with an electronic toilet paper dispenser, they’d still sell 4 million units in the first month, wiping out [ow – sorry] the competition.

electronic toilet paper dispenser

Photo courtesy: Walyou


The iPad is Just an iFad

28 January 2010

Apple iPadI don’t get it. How is this product any better than what I already have?

The Kindle 2 gives you a crisp, paper-quality look and feel when you read a page with a pixel density of 167 ppi, while the iPad has a pixel density of 132 ppi. [see more Kindle advantages at] So the iPad is not the best ebook reader.

Sure one can run all existing iPhone apps on the iPad, but if I already have an iPhone what do I need an iPad for? Just to see an app running in a tiny block on my iPad? Want to make a phone call? Sadly, iPad doesn’t have an APP for that.

So what about its browser capabilities? Sadly there’s no Flash support in the iPad. So how is that better than my PC?

When the iPod came out, it was a better and more convenient way to buy, download, store, and listen to music.

If it was a better way to buy or read books than the Kindle (it’s not), or a better way way to browse the Internet than a laptop (it’s not), or an easier way to get music than the iPod (it’s not), or better at accessing thousands of apps than the iTouch (it’s not), or connect people with phonecalls than the iPhone (it’s not) then perhaps it would be worthy of the hype.

What is the iPad better at?

Hitler is just as unhappy with the iPad, see the video here.

10 Clever Commercials

8 January 2010

Just thought I’d list 10 interesting video commercials today.

Vodaphone tells their story in 11 seconds: video.

If you are out of shape it only takes 22 seconds to find out: video.

Here’s a German ad (with English voice-over) for John Deere: Video [H/T to Small Dead Animals].

Here’s an ad for Levi’s that shows us the journey is more important than the destination: video.

It takes a lot of guts to make a 2 minute and 27 second commercial where you don’t reveal the product until the last 4 seconds, but Sony BRAVIA does that here: video but T-Mobile also carries it for a few seconds longer (2 minutes 41 seconds) at Liverpool Street Station: video.

Want to show that your product has the human touch, try this clever Toyota ad: video. Then for a change of pace, try this Toyota piece that Bests Ads Ever calls ‘Best car ad ever?’: video.

Guiness takes a hackneyed phrase and turns it into an improbable race with snails: video.

The best commercial of all time is arguably the Honda cog ad: video.