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Steve Jobs Fashion Evolution

28 July 2010

Although Apple technology has changed dramatically over the years, the way Apple operates has not changed at all. Anyone familiar with their products knows that he will pay more for an Apple product than a competing item. In addition, there will fewer choices as to size, shape, and color compared to similar products made by others.

Perhaps this is because Steve Jobs doesn’t like change. Take his choice of clothes over the years:

steve jobs fashion statement

See what I mean?

H/T: Super Pérolas


Google’s Newest Search Feature

1 April 2010

google where am i

Remain clueless no longer. Google today officially announced its newest Mobile Search feature: Where am I? [see Google’s website]

Starting today, just go to on your phone in the US, search for “where am I”, and find out where you are. But since this is an alpha release, some map results might be slightly off.

I was at my psychiatrist’s office when I tried the feature and the result came back: “Where do you think you are?”