Modern Day Telepathy

telepathyWe have now reached the point where notifications of all kinds are instant. Telepathy can’t be far behind.

There are pill bottles that send an SMS to you or a relative if you forget to take your medicine on time, vending machines that SMS what products need refilling in real time, and soon bloggers will be using Pubsubhubbub (if you don’t know what that is, see video) to instantly tell Google that their blog has updated.

So if you are the publisher of time-sensitive information, Google will instantly know that you’ve just published new content. However, pushing to Google and getting Google to index you in real-time is another matter. There is already a lot of spam out there and hubbub will only exacerbate the situation. You must carefully groom your online reputation, put out stimulating, fresh, non-trivial content, and engage (by commenting) with forums, related blogs, and social media to build community trust.

Google is busy honing its anti-splog skills. I expect in less than two years that sites strictly fabricated for link-love and keyword spamming will be easily detected and blacklisted seo-wise. Start now to build quality content and trust or shortly see your blog descend into oblivion.

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