Photoshop’s Content Aware

If you deal with images you no doubt by now are aware of Photoshop’s Content Aware (video), a tool to help remove unwanted elements in an image.

The purpose of this blog is to help suggest possible opportunities for businesses and this particular advance in photography will undoubtedly help many aspiring but not overly talented photographers break into the business.

Taking unique, interesting, and unblemished photos is not that easy. Retouching photos, while ostensibly frowned upon in the industry, is nonetheless widespread. We recall the photo-shopped image by the media arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in July of 2008 when they added a fourth missile to make their weaponry exhibition more impressive (read NY Times story):

iran missile photoshop

This could all have been avoided with the new tool which would have made the addition undetectable.

Indeed there are no shortage of web articles regarding photoshop fails:

photoshop fail

Fortunately Getty Images makes it easy to submit your photos for sale, check out their submission site.

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