Even Vandals can Have Brands

If Jesse James (the train-robber, not the bum who blind-sided Sandra Bullock) were alive today, I have no doubt he would be pushing his own line of clothes and have endorsement deals with Nike (Rob a train? Just do it!) and Adidas (first daylight bankrobbery in peace time – Celebrate Originality).

Today if you’re the best at any endeavor, you can be rich and famous.

graffito artist slick - Adidas Slick Artillery Mid sneakerTake graffito artist Slick who heads up his own successful brand Dissizit. Adidas has put Slick on their truly awesome Artillery Torsion retro Basketball shoe (note the Slick Artillery logo on the tongue).

Check out Adidas’ ad video here.

To some, graffiti is an art form; to others it is vandalism. Know how you can tell? If it’s done without the property owner’s permission, it is vandalism – I don’t care how beautiful it may be.

But suppose you’re not Nike or Adidis but a small business that could profit from a tie-in with graffiti? Step in Man One Design who will create graffiti art for your brand, targeting the youth market that just doesn’t respond to traditional advertising.

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