Marketing the Cure for Cancer

First, let me give you the beginning of the story (with a Hat Tip to Skirmisher):

Live Longer Now Blog, Nanobots Kill Cancer Cells

The image below shows an exciting development in cancer cure: nanobots successfully attacking a cancer cell, disabling it. The “attack nanobots” do the work by safely delivering what is called small-interfering RNA (siRNA) to deactivate the protein, thereby starving the tumor cell to death.

nanobots attacking cancer cells

A Caltech-led team of researchers published the first proof (in the March 21 online edition of the journal Nature) that a targeted nanoparticle injected into a patient’s bloodstream can turn off a cancer gene. This also bodes well for therapeutics other than those that attack cancer at the genetic level [see Caltech Press release].

Now comes the end of the story: just because one finds the cure for cancer does not mean anyone can get it soon.

So You want to be your Own Boss

In today’s world, even more than in the past, business success has nothing to do with your product or million dollar idea. You can have the cure for cancer, but unless you know people in the FDA and pharmaceutical business you will get nowhere. Believe it. On the other hand, you can sell frozen dog-turd and make millions if you have contacts, a customer base for any other product, thousands of retail outlets that already sell something, distribution channels, distributors, wholesalers, manufacturers reps, and significant web traffic (and it doesn’t matter what you’re already selling).

So will nanobots be considered a drug, a procedure, or a tiny medical doctor all on its own? Because the FDA requires testing in the hundreds of millions of dollars before they will approve any drug or medical procedure it will take years for anyone to actually get a hold of the tiny devils.

But people are dying of cancer now – so here’s a business idea: buy the bots from Caltech and take them to Mexico where rich Americans can go to get treatment as many already go for prostate cancer treatment, cosmetic surgery, weight loss surgery, dental treatments and many others. About 40,000 Americans travel to Mexico for medical treatment each year.

You set up a website, provide air transportation, taxi (or limo), medical consultations, hotel arrangements, and even provide for post treatment stays at resort areas. The commissions from the various service providers can quickly add up to a significant amount of money. All this courtesy of the stupidity of the bureaucrats at the FDA.

People with zero medical experience have already set up clinics throughout Mexico.

Related: See video of Mexico’s Distinction In Medical Technology Development.

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