When is too much Money?

Terrence Howard and Zulay Henao…are definitely a couple.
Terrence Howard
Photo Credit: Hissip

This is a post in 3 parts.

Part I

Iron Man should have hit theaters twenty years ago when Universal Studios bought the rights to develop it for the big screen. After a series of potential directors, writers, and actors looked at it, 20th Century Fox acquired the rights in 1966. Then after numerous adaptations, rewrites, screenplays, and even more directors, writers, and actors, Fox sold it to New Line Cinema.

In 2005, after two years of unsuccessful development, New Line Cinema returned the film rights to Marvel Studios who were anxious to develop it themselves since Iron Man was their only major character not already depicted in a live action film. Being anxious they were perhaps over-generous to the first actor to sign on, Terrence Howard, who portrayed military liaison Lt. Col James Rhodes (and possibly to play the character War Machine in sequels). Howard, seen here cavorting with Zulay Henao on a beach, was actually paid more than Robert Downey, Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, or any other actor. Hey, are you finished looking at the photo?

Marvel must have had low expectations for the film; indeed, Downey never starred in any film to gross more than $100 million, so Howard (who had a base plus percentage) hit the lottery when the film grossed more than $585,133,287 worldwide in its first 22 weeks in theaters (Domestic: $318,412,101 ; Foreign: $266,721,186)

Because Downey’s performance surprised them, Favreau and screenwriter Justin Theroux decided to minimize Howard’s story line for Iron Man 2. Because of that, the studio went to the actor’s agents with a much reduced payday – more in line with what the other supporting actors were getting. But Howard would not take a pay cut.

Instead of making a few million less, Howard opted for no money at all.

Part II

When Disney asked Julia Roberts to star in the flick ‘The Proposal,’ Julia refused to lower her salary, so the studio went with Sandra Bullock. Sadly for Julia, ‘The Proposal’ cranked out a whopping $314 million in worldwide ticket sales (Domestic: $163,958,031 ; foreign: $150,700,000) in its first 140 days of release.

Instead of making a few million less, Julia opted for no money at all.

Part III

Now this part is for audience participation; fill it in yourself;

Two of the stars of ___________ (fill in TV series name) may not be back for the _____ (fill in) season because they’re reportedly asking for too much money. _______ (fill in studio name) is said to be meeting
with _______ and ______ (fill in actor names) as substitutes.

Actually this is an easy question to answer: you know you were asking for too much money when they decide to give you nothing at all.

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