What Happened to Technorati?

New Technorati

If you’ve been writing a blog for the past few years you probably used Technorati, either to try to gain some traffic for yourself or to find interesting articles written by other bloggers. Sadly, on 14 Oct 2009 Technorati fiddled with how its site operates and launched its new site while screwing with tens of thousands of smaller blogs by disabling widgets, its API, and RSS feeds.

In this new re-launch, Technorati will be concentrating more on the top 100 blogs. I don’t need Technorati to deliver me articles from the top 100 websites, I already subscribe to the feeds of the top websites, what I want to read are unknown, smaller bloggers from other countries with opinions different than the same-old same-old that Technorati will be delivering. I now use Global Voices to fill this particular gap left by Technorati.

In the past, Technorati’s search delivered the most recent results as opposed to what it now considers the best results. What this means for thousands and thousands of small bloggers is that it’s highly unlikely anyone will come across their articles. Bloggers joined Technorati because it was useful to them. But who needs Technorati now?

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