A Beautiful Woman and 3,000 Dollars

BMW M3 AdAlthough this has happened to you many times before, you cannot stop watching it happen again.

An airplane lands; a beautiful woman approaches your new BMW M3 2-door Coupe; she opens the door, sits down, stares at you invitingly, opens her purse and fans 30 crisp 100 dollar bills.

You’ve got the go-ahead, and so you rev your engine to 8400 rpm. Highways, tunnels, buildings speed by as your comely passenger revs her internal motor in sync with the flashing lights.

Before she utterly faints, you’ve brought her back to the airport. She gets out making sure to drop her purse in gratitude on your seat.

Sadly, some of my readers may never have experienced this; for them I offer this video

Although not made by BMW – this is some ad.

Hat tip to Biertijd

The song in the background is Emiliana Torrini’s Gun

BMW “Living in the Lights”
Production: Bandito’s Garage
Creator/Director: Mouse McCoy
The Car: BMW M3
The Driver: Greg Tracy
The Girl: Niki Huey
Director of Photography: Vic Huber
Editor: Steve Prestemon
Producer: Sumer Friedrichs

Here is one of their press releases:

Reuters, BMW M3 Races Out of Bandito Garage

A new film by Mouse McCoy featuring the BMW M3 may do more than relate to the passion of car fans. If you’re an advertising agency or client in the automotive world, you may have dreamed of an extreme production environment, a one-stop shop that refines the process of producing industry-leading content for commercials, content footage, branded entertainment, and product placement by servicing all of these needs under one roof. As evidenced by a new BMW ad and print campaign created on spec, this dream has become a reality in the form of the Bandito Garage, a cost-effective, seamlessly-integrated approach to car content and positioning.

Overseen by a pit crew of seasoned Automotive and Production professionals, the Bandito Garage has rolled open its doors in Culver City, under the auspices of full-service media company Bandito Brothers. “Clients are more conscious of the money they spend on advertising – you now have cross-brand shooting at once, and it’s hard to define a means of executing it,” said Sumer Friedrichs, formerly of Campbell-Ewald, now the Garage’s Detroit-based Producer. “As tier one and two advertisers struggle to assemble the spots they need, our model offers a perfect solution. As a producer, I sought a combination of excellence and flexibility.

All elements may not be running on a simultaneous calendar but need to connect. We mold the production as needed, with top-of-the-line talent handling everything.”

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